"MIRCE Science is a theory of the motion of working systems through MIRCE Space, caused by any functionability action whatsoever, used for Managing In-service Reliability, Cost & Effectiveness. Dr J. Knezevic, 1999


Article 10:

“The Akademy shall, at its discretion, award the Fellowship of the MIRCE Akademy to recognise individuals who have made a significant contribution to the MIRCE Science. The President shall confer the title of Fellow to nominated individuals at the functions approved for this purpose. “

                                                                                          The Constitution of the MIRCE Akademy, 25th May 1999.

The following three categories of Fellowship exist:
Grand Fellow of the MIRCE Akademy, GFMA, to recognise the unique contribution of individuals’ to the expansion, dissemination or promotion of the MIRCE Science at the global level of significance. This award is the highest honour that the MIRCE Akademy can bestow upon an individual. 

Science Fellow of the MIRCE Akademy, SFMA, to recognise the science based contribution of individuals’ to expansion or dissemination of the MIRCE Science.

Honorary Fellow of the MIRCE Akademy, HFMA, to recognise significant contribution of individuals to  the efforts of the MIRCE Akademy to achieve its purpose.

Mutual relationship between the MIRCE Akademy and fellows is defined through the Fellowship Protocol.