"Welcome to the birthplace of MIRCE Science: a body of a knowledge 
  that predicts a functionability performance of functionable systems."

                                                                   Dr Jezdimir Kneezevic, Founder and President, 1999


28th MIRCE Internatioanl Symposium "What is Beyond Reliability Function ?"

This well established and atatended International Event will take place 11-12 December 2018 at Woodbury Park, Exeter, UK.For the Programme and aditional imnformation please clik here.


29th MIRCE International Summer School: Delivering Expected Work & Expected Profit, 11-13 September 2018, Woodbury Park, Exeter, UK

This year’s Summer School focuses on a challenge that is facing the business community daily, which is, delivering the expected work, defined by their business plans, confidently and consistently, with the expected level of profit.  To do this effectively requires the ability to simultaneously manage, in real time, a number of what we call “positive and negative functionability events” on the one hand, while maintaining continuous delivery of the required revenue generating work, defined by the expected functional performance, on the other.
 To achieve this repeatedly, a scientific understanding of the impacts of all natural and human actions on the system’s functionality and functionability performance is essential. Regrettably, this is not standard business practice in the majority of organisations. More commonly decisions makers focusing their efforts on application of management methods to the reduction of operational costs rather than increase of the return on investment measured by the resulting profit!
The objective of this unique event is to “inform” decision makers how to “Deliver Expected Work and Expected Profit”, which is achievable by integrating the MIRCE Science based body of knowledge into their business planning process. It will enable accurate predictions to be made, of the work expected to be done and the resources expected to be required, exposing expected profit. Join us to find out how the balance between the work and resources could be successfully “engineered” and pre-emptively managed by understanding and employing the MIRCE Profitability Equation (Knezevic, J., The Origin of MIRCE Science, pp. 232, MIRCE Science, 2017,  ISBN 978-1-904848-06-6). For full details, please click here.

Margaret Yvonne Stringer (14 May 1938 - 3 May 2018)

It is with huge regret and sadness that the MIRCE Akademy  announces the death of our Margaret, who joined us in January 2004 and stayed until the very end. Always with a smile, kindness and friendliness she dealt with our staff, students, fellows, and members. At the same time she was highly loyal, skilful and above all "mega" professionalism in dealings with "government" departments where numeracy,  precision and punctuality were the virtues required. Her love for life, people and learning will be hugely missed as well as the coffee breaks with a small piece of "dark chocolate" both from Lidl, on offer!


7th World Congress of MIRCE Science, 19-21 June, Exeter, UK

For the full Programme and booking deatils, please click here.

Data Privacy - MIRCE Akademy Information

In light of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) the MIRCE Akademy will not be able to send you any information electronically without your permission, after 25th May 2018. Thus, to continue receiving relevant information regarding our research, education, training and publishing activities by opting in to receive emails from us in the future.Your own email address is the only piece of information that we will keep in our data base. This information will not be shared with a third party. Naturally, you will have the opportunity to change your decision at any time of your choosing in the future, by opting out. To start or continue receiving digital informatiuon from MIRCE Aakdemy please sent an email to quest@mirceakademy.com with 'YES' at the end of the subject line.

Annauncement of the 7th World Congress of MIRCE Science

The Congress will take place at the Woodbury Park, Exeter, UK, 19 -21 June 2018. For the full details regarding the participation please click here.

2017 Annals of MIRCE Science

Published by the MIRCE Akademy to facilitate exchanges of knowledge and experience between: scientific, engineering and management professionals, which are interested in MIRCE Science,, from the research, practical application, modelling or consultancy point of view.  To  read abstracts of the papers published and other information please click here.

2017 F1 Driver and Team Functionability Champions

Press release: The MIRCE Akademy has completed the Formula 1 Drivers and Teams Functionability Tables for 2017 that revealed that the following Functionability Champions:

The 2017 F1 Driver Functionability Champion is: Louis Hamilton
The 2017 F1 Team Functionability Champion is: Mercedes AMG Petronas

New Book: The Origin of MIRCE Science by J. Knezevic

This book is about the journey over the road that the author has travelled since birth till today, but it is not a book about him; it is a book about the quest for the new body of knowledge that he named MIRCE Science, the theory for predicting expecting functionability performance of functionable system types. This long and demanding journey consisted of three paths:

•    The first started with his childhood obsession with cars and autosport, progressing to building one by hand, using parts obtained from scrap yards, in a neighbour’s garden. Two years later driving that car he earned one point in the National Rally Championship, while experiencing the physical phenomena of operation, maintenance and support processes (Part 1 of the book).
•    The second took the author to universities, libraries, institutes, companies and other organisations worldwide, in the quest for the scientific understanding of the mechanisms that lead to the occurrence of functionability events, resulting from physical, environmental and human actions. (Part 2 of the book).
•    The third culminated in the creation of MIRCE: Functionability, Operability, Maintainability, Supportability and Profitability Equations, the mathematical derivation of which has been fully described in this book, based on MIRCE: Functionability Field and Space. (Part 3 of the book).

MIRCE Science comprises axioms, laws, mathematical equations and calculation methods that enable quantitative predictions of the impact of the physical world and in-service rules on the functionability performance of each feasible option of the future functionable system type to be made. The complexity of this undertaking, according to Jack Hessburg (1934-2013), the World’s first Chief Mechanic (Boeing 777), requires the intellectual effort equal to winning a Nobel Prize! 

Format: A4
Size: 232 pages                                                
Media: Hard and digital
Inside the book: click here 
Hard copy £50.00
Digital copy 330.00
Postage; £3 (UK), £9.(Europe), £15 (Others)
Order Form:  click here      


27th MIRCE International Symposium: Relaibility Beyond First Failure

Attending the Symposium could be the best possible professional “Christmas present”. It presents the new mathematical and modelling methods that enable accurate predictions of the impact of system operational, maintenance and support processes on lifelong reliability of systems. This is impossible with the existing reliability theory whose prediction methods are valid till the occurrence of the first failure.  For more details please click here.
The newly created body of knowledge contained within MIRCE Science is beneficial to the designers and users of complex systems, from aircraft to space craft, from off-shore platforms to nuclear power stations and all other human creations where reliability of operation is imperative, and resources limited due to money, volume, location and other constraints. It is the start of a new era of creating and maintaining the reliability of complex systems in a manner never seen before.  The Symposium will takeplace at Woodbury Park, Exeter, UK, on 12-14 Decemeber 2017

NEW Training Course:
MIRCE Science Methods for Estimation of the Reliability of Components when Test Data are not Available (21-23 November 2017, at Woodbury Park, Exeter, UK.)

This workshop covers the in-depth knowledge of the methods available for estimating the reliability characteristics of the components and modules of any system type, from a functionability point of view. This provides the opportunity for Engineers and Management professionals to create comprehensive and accurate predictions for the future behaviour of the systems, while they are still on the drawing board.  The tangible benefit being the ability to make accurate predictions of the necessary logistic support resources, including spares, facilities and maintenance personnel, needed to support the Functionable System type when in operation. This has been the ultimate objective of reliability and logistics engineers for over half a century, but is now a reality, thanks to the body of knowledge contained in MIRCE Science.  For more details please click here.

28th MIRCE International Summer School, 4 - 6 July 2017, Exeter,UK

The theme for this year Summer School is the "Mathematical Principles of Mirce-mechanics". For full information please click here.

6th World Congress of Mirce-mechnaics

The Congress will take place on 13-15 June 2017, at Woodbury Park Exeter, UK. For the Programme nd the Booking form please click here.

6th Richard F.W. Bader Memorial Lecture

On 13th June 2017, Dr Knezevic will deliver the 6th Richard F.W. Bader Memeorial Lecture at Woodbury Park, Exeter, UK. The topic of his talk is "Atoms and Molecules in Mirce-mechnaics". For the abstract and full details, please ckick here. All welcome free of charge.

Announcement and Call for paper for the 6th World Congress of Mirce-mechanics

The congress will take place at the Woodbury Park, Exeter, UK, 13-15 June 2017. For the full details regarding the participation and paper submission please click here.

Simplified Technical English – “Revolutionary” Issue 7 Launched

According to Orlando Chiarello, Chairman of the Chairman, Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Europe, Simplified Technical English Maintenance Group, STEMG  “Issue 7 is the result of an extensive work of almost four years, six STEMG meetings, and passionate discussions, which, however, has led to an extraordinary result now visible and available to all.We at the STEMG consider this Issue as "historic" and "revolutionary" for the importance of contents. The specification incorporates all feedback we had in recent years from the users but especially all the valuable suggestions from academic professionals, linguists, writers and translators. We have not changed the STE but we worked on "simplification" and "explanation" of its writing rules (something never done before).  For more information follow the link: http://www.mirceakademy.com/index.php?mact=News,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=15&cntnt01returnid=15

Annals of the MIRCE Akademy

Published by the MIRCE Akademy to facilitate exchanges of knowledge and experience between: scientific, engineering and management professionals, which are interested in Mirce-mechanics. 

 The Annals welcomes the following types of original contributions:
• Presentations of the research results related to all aspects of Mirce-mechanics
• Applications of existing Mirce-mechanics knowledge 
• Observational knowledge that could be beneficial for further developments of  Mirce-mechanics 
•  Reports, book reviews and short news that are of a general benefit to Mirce-mechanics

Potential authors please see: Guidance for Authors at http://www.mirceakademy.com

Abstracts of Papers Pubilshed in 2016 Annals of Mirce-mechanics

General Public:    £95.00
MIRCE Akademy Fellows:   £75.00
MIRCE Akademy Members:   Free of charge

To become a Member of the MIRCE Akademy please follow the link:

2016 F1 Driver and Team Functionability Champions

Press release: The MIRCE Akademy has completed the Formula 1 Drivers and Teams Functionability Tables for 2016 that revealed that the following Functionability Champions:

The 2016 F1 Driver Functionability Champion is: Daniel Ricciardo
The 2016 F1 Team Functionability Champion is: Mercedes AMG Petronas

26th MIRCE International Symposium
Science Based Functionability Management, 13 -15 December 2016, Exeter, UK

To effectively manage functionability of maintainable systems, based on the principles of Mirce Science requires a full understanding of in-service phenomena that generates positive and negative functionability events through time. These phenomena are of a complex nature as they result from strong interactions between physical properties of a system, in-service environmental conditions and associated human actions. Hence, you are warmly invited to join us and learn more about the body of knowledge, methods, principles and tools that we developed to manage functionability of maintainable systems at the level at which everybody is happy, producers, users, investors, legislators, insurers, general public and the life supporting natural environment. For full details and the Programme, please click here.

27th MIRCE International Summer School 12-15 July, Exeter, UK

The theme for this year Summer school is: Supportability Engineering and Analysis. For full details please click here.

5th World Congress of Mirce Mechanics- Programme and Bookings

The Congress will take place on 1-3 June 2016, at Woodbury Park Exeter, UK. For the Programme nd the Booking form please click here.

Dare to Know: Interviews with Quality and Reliability Thought Leaders:  Jezdimir Knezevic, MIRCE Akademy, Exeter, UK

Tim Rodgers interviews Jezdimir Knezevic concerning Dr. K’s pioneering work on the ability of systems to maintain functionality over time, known as functionability.
To hear the interview, please click here. In this episode, Dr. Knezevic discusses:

  • How MIRCE fills an important gap in the study of reliability
  • How practitioners of MIRCE address reliability questions differently than traditional reliability engineers
  • Suggested improvements in how reliability engineers are trained

Recorded November 2015

Announcement & Call for Papers: 5th World Congress of Mirce Mechanics

The Congress will take place on 1-3 June 2016, at Woodbury Park Exeter, UK. For more details and Call for Papers, please clikck here.

Failures, Reliability and Durability of Polymers: Training Course:

                                  19-21 April  and  18-20 October 2016


Polymer materials, which are commonly used in thousands of products as plastics, elastomers, coatings and adhesives, are viscoelastic in nature. Their properties are highly time, temperature and stress dependents. The significance of this is often overlooked at the design stage. As a simple demonstration of the significance of this, the long term fatigue strength of polycarbonate is only 14% of the short term tensile strength quoted on manufacturers’ data sheets. Consequently, this course is design to provide a general understanding of polymers as physical materials, their design and processing properties and the common failure mechanisms. This knowledge is then used to assist in assessing the durability, reliability data and existing technologies that deliver desirable durability characteristics. For the more information please click here.

2015 Annals of Mirce Mechanics - ready for purchase

To view the abstracts of the papers published please clcik here where the information regarding the purchasing it are also available.  A copy of Annals is provided to the Members of the MIRCE Akademy free of charge.

Happy 2016

Fellows, members, students and staff of the MIRCE Akademy wishing you and your families prosperous and successful 2016, fully supported by the axioms, formulas, and methods of Mirce Mechanics!


 Mercedes and Perez are the 2015 MIRCE Akademy Functionability Champions

The MIRCE Akademy has completed the Functionability Table for 2015 that revealed that the following Functionability Champions:

The 2015 F1 Driver Functionability Champion:  Sergio Perez, Force India
The 2015 F1 Team Functionability Champion:  Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 Team

For the press release please click here.

25th MIRCE International Symposium on In-Service Reliability 

8 - 9 December, Woodbury Park, Exeter, UK. For the full Programme and booking details please click here.



MTBF-Revolutionary Training Course: 17-19 November 2015, Woodbury Park, Exeter, UK

Since its beginning, in 1950s, Reliability Engineering has been based on mathematical theorems rather than on scientific theories. Massive attempts were made to further the applications of the existing mathematical and statistical methods and analysis without any attempt to understand failure phenomena and their mechanisms. In the 1980s, practicing reliability engineers and analysts, used their practical experience of the observed failure modes of existing systems. Thus, a large number of “practical reliability methods" have been developed and used, all of which were based on the failure mode, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA), but still without understanding and addressing failure mechanisms
Consequently, during the last 50 years Reliability Theory has made very little progress, apart from a few exceptions, in the direction of becoming a “science”, in terms of making accurate predictions that could be confirmed with in-service observations. The reason is very simple; neither statistics, which does not study causes of statistical behaviour, nor engineers whose “applied methods” were focused on meeting contractual and legal requirements, were able to provide a fertile ground for the understanding of MTBF.   For the full information please click here.

25th MIRCE International Symposium: Announcement and Call for Papers

8 - 10 December 2015, Woodbury Park, Exeter, UK.  The Symposium theme is In-Service Reliability. For the additional information please click here.

                                 "Racing car in the pit does not win races." 

Professor Arie Dubi, the Grand Fellow of the MIRCE Akademy (1945-2015)

With great sadness the MIRCE Akademy is announcing the death of Professor Arie Dubi on 29th July. Prof Dubi was elected to a Grand Fellow of the MIRCE Akademy in 2001 and one of the main contributors to the development of the Mirce Mechanics. He delivered many Lectures on our Master and Doctoral Diploma Programmes, Short Courses and Summers Schools, actively participated at our International Symposium and authored the book System Engineering Science – Analytical Principles and Monte Carlo Methods, which the Akademy published in 2003. He will be terribly missed by the Fellows, Members, students and the staff of the MIRCE Akademy. However, his drive for the mathematical and scientific truth will be present in the minds of all of us at the MIRCE Akademy for all future times and we thank you for that dear Dubi.

Ian Gordon Collection of books established at the MIRCE Akademy

Tessa and Harry Gordon, daughter and son, of the late Ian E. Gordon (1932-2015), Lecturer at the Exeter University, has donated a collection of psychology and general science books to the Resource Centre of the MIRCE Akademy. Dr Gordon has been interested in human performance aspects of Mirce Mechanics and had participated in some of the Akademy organised and hosted Events between 2005 and 2012. To read more please click here.

26th Mirce International Summer  School, 7 - 11 July, 2015

Programme and all other relevant information  is accessible by clicking here.

4th World Congress of Mirce Mechanics ,  19 - 21 May 2015, Exeter, UK

Programme and all other relevant information  is accessible by clicking here.

2014 Annals of  Mirce Mechanics

Results of the research conducted and completed within 2014 by the Members, Staff, Fellows and students of the Akademy has been published in the Annals. For more information please click here.

MIRCE Akademy Membership for 2015

The purpose of the Akademy is to engage in scientific, educational, training, literary and professional endeavours for Managing Industrial Reliability, Cost and Effectiveness, based on the principles of Mirce Mechanics. Hence, we wish to invite professionals involved in these demanding activities  to look at the  Summary of the scientific, professional and business information provided to the Members in 2014 and to consider join this globally recognized family of advanced professionals for 2015. Membership package: http://www.mirceakademy.com/uploads/1-Membership-package.pdf   Application Form:  www.mirceakademy.com/uploads/2-Membership-Application-form.pdf

21st January 2015

Infrared Training Limited, led by Austin Dunne the Science Fellow of the MIRCE Akademy, is organising an Open Day held at the Training & Conference Centre, South Road, Liverpool. For full details please click here and to register go to www.irttraining.com 


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