"Welcome to the birthplace of MIRCE Science, an endeavour to explain and predict time evolution of performances of functionable systems by determining mechanisms of all causing actions."   Dr J. Knezevic, Founder, 1999


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2021-MIRCE-Akademy-New Year Card

Press Release: 2021 F1 Driver Functionability Champion

The MIRCE Akademy has completed the F1 Drivers Functionability Table for 2021, based on principles of MIRCE Science, which revealed that this year Driver’s Champion is: Carlos Sainz Junior. For the full Table click here!


Press Release: 2021 F1 Team Functionability Champion

The MIRCE Akademy has completed the F1 Team Functionability Table for 2021, based on principles of MIRCE Science, which revealed that this year Team’s Champion is: McLaren Mercedes. For the full Table click here!


31st MIRCE International Symposium 

31 MIRCE Symposium-flyier

13 August 2021

Dr Knezevic, MIRCE Akademy, has published a chapter entitled "Mathematical and Physical Reality of Reliability" in the just released book: Safety and Reliability Modelling and its Applications, a volume in Advances in Reliability Science. For the abstract click here

MIRCE Akademy donated to the Donkathon 200 copies of the books:

       From B to B ... Polly Vacher's Global Challenge by Dr J. Knezevic
       B2B/A+A,  Polly Vacher's Voyage To The Ice 2003-04 by Dr J. Knezevic

The books describe Polly Vacher's world records breaking flights around the globe (horizontal & vertical-via Arctic and Antarctica), which have significantly contributed to the formulation of MIRCE Science.  The books are normally sold for £10.00 and £12.00 respectively. On this occasion they will be exchanged for any donation towards Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Research fund (recommended minimum of £5.00, but not strictly applied). The books could be obtained along the Donkathon route, or via email: jk@mirceakademy.com .
For more information about the books please click here or on the picture of a book.


 10th World Congress of MIRCE Science 2021

Due to still existing pandemic situation regarding COVID-19 the 10th World Congress of MIRCE Science will be merged with the 31st MIRCE International Symposium that will take place in December 2021. 


January 2021: COVID-19 Pandemic as a Mechanism of the Motion of an Aircraft in MIRCE Mechanics

The COVID-19 outbreak has shown that pandemics, like other rarely occurring natural catastrophes, have happened in the past and will happen in the future. Although humans cannot prevent dangerous viruses from emerging, they should be prepared to dampen their consequences for the economy and all of society. The main objective of this paper is to address the COVID-19 pandemic as a novel mechanism of the motion of an aircraft in MIRCE Mechanics, as only then the most effective technological, social and economic actions can be taken by humans to deal with it. Thus, this paper is bringing together the physiological side of COVID-19 and its physical impact on the operational side of airlines in order to assist them to predict the expected positive and negative work by each aircraft type grounded. This analysis will guide them to decide what type of fleet they should have in the post pandemic times and thus secure the business existence. Link to full paper: 

2020 Annals of MIRCE Science

Published by the MIRCE Akademy to facilitate exchanges of knowledge and experience between: scientific, engineering and management professionals, which are interested in MIRCE Science, from the research, practical application, modelling or consultancy point of view.  To read abstracts of the papers published and other information please click here. 

2020 F1 Driver and Team Functionability Champions

Press release: The F1RE Centre of the MIRCE Akademy has completed the Formula 1 Drivers and Teams Functionability Tables for 2020 that revealed that the following Functionability Champions:

  • The 2020 F1 Driver Functionability Champion is: Kimi Raikkonen
  • The 2020 F1 Team Functionability Champion is: Mercedes AMG Petronas

For the illustrative history of MIRCE F1RE Centre Awards click here.

30th MIRCE International Symposium - All Welcome

For the more information please click here

MIRCE Science: COVID-19 Negative Functionability State

31st MIRCE International Summer School

2020 Summer School was cancelled due to the global outbreak of Corona Virus, COVID-19. As preventive measures are reducing the probability of occurences of negative functionability events, please take care and get ready for the next year Summer School.  

9th World Congress of MIRCE Science

Physical Reality of Reliability Function - Presentation by Dr Knezevic at The Reliability Conference, organised by Reliabilityweb.com, Seattle, May 2019.

In a late 1950s, Reliability Theory was “created”. It was based on mathematical theorems rather then on scientific theories. The Reliability function for a system is determined by the reliability functions of the constituent components and their configurations within functional system. It is well-defined analytical functions obeying the axioms and theorems of mathematics. Systematic research performed by the author during several decades of the observable physical realities of in-service/operational life of functional systems in aerospace, military and nuclear power industries have clearly shown that determines from the mathematically implied reality. The presentation goes through a list of physically observed and undeniable facts that seriously impact the accuracy of the reliability predictions currently provided through reliability theory. To see the presentation follow the link: