"MIRCE Science is a theory of the motion of working systems through MIRCE Space, caused by any functionability action whatsoever, used for Managing In-service Reliability, Cost & Effectiveness. Dr J. Knezevic, 1999

Diploma Programmes in MIRCE Science

 Currently the Akademy offers following Diploma Programmes:

The Akademy is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all applicants. Individuals are selected and treated solely on the basis of their merits and abilities and are given equal opportunities during their period of study. It is the policy of the Akademy to encourage the admission of students with special requirements, which it aims to meet as fully as possible.

Who is for ?

 Programmes are suitable for scientists, mathematicians, engineers, managers, technicians and analysts who have desire and ambition to develop new methods and technologies for the specification, design, development, procurement, operation, maintenance or logistic support of systems which are expected to deliver requirements of the following nature:  

  • The direct maintenance cost will not exceed 25 % of the purchase cost with a probability of 0.95.
  • The probability that the production line will be fully operational during the specified in-service time will be not less than 0.88.
  • In the fleet of machines, at least 90% of them will be operational at all times with a probability not less than 0.925.
  • The mission reliability will be greater that 0.98 for the missions shorter than 500 hours
  • There should be less that 1 in 100,000 chance that system will fail during first 10 years of service
  • Every scheduled flight will leave on time with a probability of 0.97 or in other words, it is acceptable to have maximum three delays, on average, out of 100 flights  

 Why to study MIRCE Science ?

In the private sector increasing customer expectations concerning price, quality and delivery in the face of intense competition require to operate effectively and to generate profit or  similar business objectives. Similarly, in the public sector growing budgetary constraint and the need to deliver quality and value-for-money, known as "doing more with less". 

Failure to deliver functionality can have costly and far reaching effects. In the operation of a commercial airline, for example, failure to dispatch a flight on time or cancellation of a flight will lead not only to the cost of correcting the failure but also to extra crew costs, additional passenger handling and loss of passenger revenue. All of this will impact upon profitability and other factors such as market share. In defence, failure to deliver function is not only costly in relation to diminishing budgets but also has extremely serious consequences for defence capability. Hence, the users and operators are in need of delivering functionality whenever it is required. Delivering functionality through time is the subject of research of Mirce Mechanics -  scientific study of functionability in motion through time, resulting from physical causes and human actions. Consequently, the Diploma Programmes are designed to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of functionability phenomena necessary to engineer and manage planned levels of performance through time and locations. It is suitable for practicing engineers, managers and analysts whose individual contribution is related to some of the following dimension of  functionability: Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability, Availability, Maintenance, Logistics, Systems Engineering, Life Cycle Management, Life Cycle Cost

 What are the benefits of these Programmes?

 These Programmes provide the individual with an opportunity to undertake specialised educational  development and obtain a unique qualification from an internationally recognised institution.  A thorough understanding of the underlying scientific principles of MIRCE Science, together with methods and techniques, will improve professional performance and lead to career enhancement.

 Also, these Programmes place considerable importance on the development of a close working relationship with the sponsoring organisation. The emphasis of the programme is upon real problem solving and practical application of learning in the workplace. By attending these Programmes participants will develop their potentials in accordance with the organisation’s requirements and consequently on completion the sponsor will have effective personnel who will be leaders in their field.

General Information

The student population consists of highly motivated individuals, either company or self-sponsored professionals, between the age of 25 and 65. They may have degrees in Engineering, Science, Management, Mathematics, Operational Research, Physics, or hold appropriate professional and governmental qualifications. Naturally, with a variety of backgrounds, but having in common open and inquiring minds, a firm belief in the value of investing in studying and a determination to work hard and excel in their areas of competence. The diversity of the professional and educational backgrounds of our fellow-students creates a rich intellectual atmosphere, fosters the exchange of ideas and experience during the learning process, and ensures multi-disciplinary approaches to practical problem solving. 

The science based knowledge and analytical skills acquired through these Programmes remain with fellow-students throughout their lives and will not diminish with changes in industrial or government standards, company procedures or current industry and trade best practices.

 The level of intellectual demand and personal commitment required from fellow-students to acquire the necessary levels of knowledge in MIRCE Science through our programs is comparable to those required to obtain corresponding degree levels in university educational schemes.

 These programmes could be beneficial to practicing engineers, managers, analysts, programmers and others in industry, government and other organisations that are involved in any aspect of a System life, from specification, design, development, procurement, operation, maintenance, logistic support to retirement, as well as academics who are educating future engineers, managers, modellers, and analysts.

 The members of staff, permanent and visiting, are highly qualified and experienced professionals drawn from international prestigious learning, research, design, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, logistics and professional institutions, with an outstanding analytical, practical and teaching experience related to defence, aerospace, transport, motor-sport, utility, manufacturing, and other related industries. 

Learning Support

 The MIRCE Akademy believes that learning together is a partnership to which both members of the teaching team and fellow-students contribute.  The partnership is based upon trust and co-operation within a framework of responsibilities designed to foster a genuine environment for learning.

 Great care is taken to ensure that a range of study support is provided to those fellow-students who may not have undertaken an educational Programme for some time. Consequently, fellow-students are provided with study material during the Programme that includes notes, case studies, appropriate texts and educational software. 

Resource Centre

MIRCE Akademy Resource Centre contains a comprehensive collection of texts and other media, which are available for use by students. The rapidly growing collection is housed in eight sections: 

  • The Reference Collection, that consists of handbooks, directories, standards, bibliographies, guides, dictionaries, government and other official publications
  • The Main Collection, that consists of texts and other publications in related disciplines
  • The Ben Blanchard Collection, which consists of Systems and Specialist Engineering and Management books, generously donated by Emeritus Professor Benjamin Blanchard of Virginia Tech, USA
  • The Paper Collection, which consists of the written papers donated to or published by the Akademy.
  • The Research Collection, that consists of Technical reports, Masters Dissertations and Doctoral Theses, Symposia and Conference Proceedings
  • The Journal and Periodicals Collection, that consists of a large number of leading International Publications, Annals, Periodicals and Journals
  • The Audio-Visual Collection, that consists of professional and technical videotapes, CD ROMs, DVD discs and other media
  • Polly Vacher collection, which consists of the original data collecting documents generated by her during the round the world solo flight (2003-2004)


The Programme is delivered at the MIRCE Akademy which is located at Woodbury Park, a magnificent 500 acre conference and hotel complex set among rolling hills above the South West English coastline, only a few miles from Exeter.

Communication between Exeter and other parts of the United Kingdom are excellent: 

  • By road, the M5 motorway links Exeter to London, the Midlands, Scotland and Wales. Regular rapid coaches run services to and from London and Airports like: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, Luton and Bristol,
  • By rail, a regular fast service is available to and from Exeter (St David’s Station) and London (Paddington Station).
  • By air, Exeter Airport offers regular flights to many British and Continental destinations and is only 4 miles from Woodbury Park.

Travel between Exeter and Woodbury Park normally requires a car or taxi.

Terms and Conditions 

Fee is normally payable at the commencement of the Programme. However, by prior agreement, the fee may be paid by instalments.
Cancellation of a booking must be received in writing at least 60 days before the commencement of the Programme in order to receive a refund of payment. Mirce Akademy regrets that no refunds will be made after the deadline.
MIRCE Akademy reserves the right to change the advertised programme or location or to cancel the event, or part of it, at its discretion. In the event of cancellation of the whole Programme by the Akademy payments received at the cancellation date will be refunded. All places offered are subject to availability.
MIRCE Akademy is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of substitutions, alterations or cancellations.
MIRCE Akademy is unable to accept liability for the loss of, or damage to, the belongings of those attending the Programme.
Unless special exemption arrangements exist, under UK Customs and Excise regulations student from all countries are required to pay UK VAT, currently at 17.5 %. Non-UK participants may be able to recover VAT incurred via the relevant tax authority in their country of origin.

How to apply

Complete an application form and return it to:

MIRCE Akademy
Diploma Programmes
Woodbury Park
United Kingdom

For any other information please contact us by: mail, phone, fax, email. or visit us.


The MIRCE Akademy is firmly committed to supporting individuals who are already pursuing a professional career and wish to study in order to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of Mirce Mechanics by awarding a limited number of scholarships each year. Further details of scholarships are available from the Akademy on request.