"MIRCE Science is a theory of the motion of working systems through MIRCE Space, caused by any functionability action whatsoever, used for Managing In-service Reliability, Cost & Effectiveness. Dr J. Knezevic, 1999

 Doctoral Diploma Programme in MIRCE Science

The Programme consists of 4 semesters. In each of the first three semesters there is one five-day residential intensive learning session (40 contact hours), followed by approximately 160 hours of self-learning at home based on the material and instructions provided. Each student is required to complete a set of assignments in each semester. It provides a unique opportunity for students to test their understanding of the principles of MIRCE Science studied in that part of the Programme.

The time required to complete the whole Programme varies between students, but normally is completed in two years.
Human created and managed functionable systems like: power stations, oil platforms, aircraft, trains, cars, satellites, transportation, communication and distribution networks, military equipment and similar are the subject of study of MIRCE Science. 

Semester 1:  Atomic World and MIRCE Science 

The main objective of this part of the programme is to provide deep understanding of an atom as a main building block of matter, which in turn will provide better understanding of molecules, compounds and materials as the main building blocks of the components of a functionable system. Full understanding of structural, mechanical, electrical, thermal, magnetic and optical properties of materials will enable better understanding of processes that lead to occurrence of positive and negative functionability events during: production, operation, maintenance, transport and storage of functionable systems.

Semester 2:  Natural World and MIRCE Science 

The main objective of this part of the programme is to provide deep understanding of the nature that hosts functionable systems during their in-service lives. Full understanding of natural phenomena that take place in Earth's: biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere, as well as within the Solar system and beyond,  will enable better understanding of processes that lead to occurrence of functionability events during functionable systems operation, maintenance, transport and storage.

Semester 3:  Human World and MIRCE Science 

Human beings are irreplaceable part of any functionable system, starting from its design till its disposal, and as such are responsible for the occurrence of majority of functionability events, positive and negative. Hence, the main objective of this part is to study the multidimensional complexity of human beings starting from their anatomy, physiology, psychology, and anthropometry, through culture, language, religion, education and training that unquestionably have impact on their actions and behaviours in both directions, as decision makers and task executors.

Semester 4:  Doctoral Thesis

For a successful completion of the programme students are required to complete a research based Doctoral Thesis. This provides them with an opportunity for extended their knowledge of Philosophy, Science, Mathematics, Computation or Application of  MIRCE Science, related to the specific topic of their choice, with objective of making an individual contribution to the advancement of the science or an innovative science based applications.

The final results are submitted in the form of a written Doctoral Thesis of the approximate length of 15000 to 20000 words.

The research and writing up is carried out away from the Akademy but with continuous communication with supervisor(s). The science based knowledge and analytical skills acquired through this Programme remain with students throughout their lives and will not diminish with changes in industrial or government standards, company procedures or current industry best practices.

Final Award

The level of intellectual demand and personal commitment required from students to acquire the necessary levels of knowledge in MIRCE Science through the Programme is comparable to those required to obtain a Doctoral Degree in the classical university’s educational structure.

The MIRCE Akademy, on the authority of the Council of Fellows, recognises the knowledge of the students by awarding them a Doctoral Diploma in Mirce Mechanics, and the title MIRCE Science Doctoral Diploma, MSDDip, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Akademy. 

Entry Criteria

To register for this Programme, normally student should have:

• Master Diploma in MIRCE Science
• Minimum 10 years of work experience
• A determination to scientifically enhance  understand and apply MIRCE Science
• Command of scientific English language

The Cost

The current fee for the whole Programme is 14995 GBP.
The fee includes:

• Registration
• All tuition
• Individual Student Support
• Key texts, monographs and other study materials
• Educational Software
• Use of the MIRCE Akademy Resource Centre
• Students rate at the MIRCE Akademy Events (Symposia, Summer Schools and Short Courses)
• Assignments supervision, marking and reporting
• Technical visits (when and where applicable)
• Coffee/Tea during Taught Learning Sessions
• Lunch during Taught Learning Sessions
• Graduation Ceremony

How to apply

Complete an application form and return it to: MIRCE Akademy

Doctoral Diploma Programmes
Woodbury Park
United Kingdom

For any other information please contact us, by: mail, phone, or email. The Akademy is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all applicants. Individuals are selected and treated solely on the basis of their merits and abilities and are given equal opportunities during their period of study.