"Welcome to the birthplace of MIRCE Science – a theory of the motion of a working system in MIRCE Space, caused by any action whatsoever, used to compute expected work and risk. Dr Jezdimir Knezevic, Founder, 1999

Personal Invitation by the President of the MIRCE Akademy

All engineering disciplines have been developed, several decades or even centuries, after the development of the relevant science discipline. Thus, mechanical, electrical, nuclear, chemical, aeronautical and other types of well recognised and proven engineering disciplines have grown on the foundations made of mechanics, electrodynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics and similar scientific disciplines, fully defined by the proven laws and equations named after their creators like Newton, Maxwell, Hamilton, Lagrange, Euler, Bernoulli, Boltzman, Planck Schrödinger, Heisenberg and other giants of science. 

For the first time in engineering history the process of the creation of an engineering profession has preceded the process of the creation of scientifically proven theories, laws and methods. Hence, to put reliability, maintainability, supportability, testability and similar existing engineering job titles on a par with mechanical, electrical, nuclear, aerospace and other proven and respected engineering disciplines it was necessary to create a science based foundation and make it compatible with other engineering disciplines regarding terminology, definitions, physical units and prediction accuracy on one hand and also to develop publishing, education and training opportunities.

 With that in mind I established the MIRCE Akademy in 1999, where we have created MIRCE Sceience, the scientific theory of the motion of functionable systems through MIRCE Space . Its axioms, laws, formulas and methods have been developed to enable accurate predictions of a in-service behaviour of maintainable systems like work done by and on system, as well as the resources required for their completion, which directly lead to the predictions of life cycle cost. Accurate predictions of these properties is essential as the in-service investments in operational and maintenance resources depend on them, as well as customer satisfactions and repeated purchase.

 Consequently, I wish to invite you to consider my invitation to become a Member of our unique organization that is engaged in scientific, educational, training and literary and professional endeavours related to MIRCE Science - the theory of our profession. 

 I am convinced that without the knowledge of MIRCE Science it is impossible to successfully perform design engineering tasks whose main objectives are the creation of functionable systems that are:

  • Delivering expected functions on time, every time, and never “crash”
  • Demanding the least investment in in-service resources like personnel, material, equipment, facilities, information and similar
  • Generating the least possible harmful impact on humans and natural environment.

 The MIRCE Akademy offeres the following opportunities and benefits: 

- Scientific
- Educational
- Training
- Professional
- Financial
- Personal
- Networking

Membership of the MIRCE Akademy is open to anyone with an interest in the body of knowledge of MIRCE Scieence and with enthusiasm for its expansion and applications.

For the Membership package please follow the link:  http://www.mirceakademy.com/uploads/1-Membership-package.pdf     

For the Application Form please follow the link: www.mirceakademy.com/uploads/2-Membership-Application-form.pdf

I am looking forward to welcoming you as a Member and providing you with professional knowledge, capabilities, confidence and pride, as well as the opportunity to shape your own professional future.

I hope you find this interesting and will consider becoming a member. 

Dr J. Knezevic,
Founder & President

Contact: phone: +44 (0)1395 233 856,   email: jk@mirceakademy.com